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Updated: Feb 20, 2021

Half-trapped in a homemade sound booth and a few hot toddies in, I fell in love with Zovi all over again. This French founder of comic 'zine Shaving in the Dark told me about missions, music, and her transformation to become the Foreign, Or in Shanghai who 画画s.

Sophie Ong at a Shaving in the Dark event

Currently there are 10 full color Shaving in the Dark 'zines available

Themed issues created by the newly unearthed comic community in China

Egg portraits in honor of Easter

Click to listen to Zovi on the Foreign, Or Podcast.

Check out more from Zovi:

Personal Website

Shaving in the Dark FB

Shaving in the Dark IG

Shaving in the Dark WeChat (click or scan below)

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