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Love in the Time of Coronavirus | INTO THE WOODS

These are our stories of love during a global pandemic. For the love of pets: an American in Paris and his wife escape urban lockdown just in time, leaving with their animals to a wooded hideout. Below, a teaser to Lewis Weinberg's incredible account of finding refuge.

"We began to re-evaluate the benefits of living in a densely populated city like Paris, to talk jokingly about how we might make it to Dordogne if things really turned to shit. Could the door to the parking garage be opened if there was no electricity? Would we be able to find gas for the car? Would there be bandits and mayhem along the highway like in the tv series?
And once in Dordogne, could we successfully plant a garden? Could we recycle our rain water? What would we feed the animals? Would we need weapons? Etc."
I asked, “Would you regret it if we left Paris?”
I said, “Call a taxi for an hour from now. I’ll be home in five minutes.”
I sprinted toward the apartment, in full adrenalin surge.  Six masked solders carrying machine guns sauntered past me in the opposite direction.
What now? We keep to ourselves. We walk our dog in the woods and on unpaved country roads. Our cats are able to roam as desired during daytime hours. We carry permits every time we leave the house.
The loss of loved ones, the animals abandoned, it’s too horrible to contemplate... All long-term plans have been put on indefinite hold.

Stop peeking the preview and go read the rest of Lew's story. God save the pets!

Find more of Lew's works on Tumblr here.

Follow Lew on Instagram @reams_o_dreams.

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