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Foreign, Or Trading Cards | The Student

The trading card game that features ForeignOr types found all over the world! Check out the fourth card released from our Foreign, Or Basics pack:

see more on card anatomy here

Not to conflate foreign students of all ages and backgrounds, this card represents those who briefly study abroad in university for “the experience”. This privileged youth lives life term-by-term, making The Student transient by nature.

Wearing telltale collegiate fashion this nascent-stage ForeignOr is easily identifiable, though language and culture skills can vary greatly.

The nerdy Student excels; attending every cooking class/guest lecture/cultural immersion extracurricular possible, and becomes BFFs with their local language partner. The popular Student idles as if on vacation; ditching class to travel, attend events "real [insert eponym here]" go to, or just to nurse their hangover. The burnout is only a student by name; he or she is actually just taking advantage of a country's visa privileges-- usually through a dodgy “consultancy” company.

But a refreshing curiosity mixed with the wild enjoyment of being far, far away from their parents can make The Student tons of uninhibited fun.

Propelled by impermanence the successful Student squeezes out all the "experience" possible from their temporary place on the planet. Every holiday is an opportunity for an epic journey, parties are not just themed but often costumed, and every weekend someone's bday celebration turns into an outright adventure. Feels like a flashmob just showed up at your house? Well that's because Mr. Universe(ity) shared your address with a few classmates and now half of the XYZ polytechnic is grinding to reggaeton in your living room. Our advice: enjoy the moment! ...and be sure to restrict photo tagging on your socials.

Formal education can never teach the lessons learned during a study abroad, and in realizing this some Students convert into forever-ForeignOrs. Has this happened to you?

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Have an idea for a ForeignOr archetype in your host country? Help us create a collectible expansion pack! There is such a broad range of aliens that we need your help to define the DNA of your community based on age, history, geography, and more!

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