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Foreign, Or Trading Cards | The Nomad

The trading card game that features ForeignOr types found all over the world! Check out the first card released from our Foreign, Or Basics pack:

see more on card anatomy here

Homo sapiens were nomadic at their nascent stage, and the human need to explore runs strong in this breed of ForeignOrs. Embodying #wanderlust and valuing freedom of movement above all else, the Nomad seeks wide exposure with limited attachments.

Nomads- particularly digital nomads- can be found tapping away on keyboards in cafes, boarding buses with big backpacks, maybe even sleeping on your couch. Whether as a love interest or a jet-setting entrepreneur, these ForeignOrs glitter with novelty and mystery. A group of Nomads can be an idyllic sight of social experimentation: baby-faced gap year students, energetic 4 Hour Work Week disciples, Eat, Pray, Love divorcées, and bucket-list retirees mingle in an open-minded melée of "leaving it all behind".

You ain’t really wild, you a tourist. -Kendrick Lamar, "King's Dead"

In recent years, the word 'nomad' has blown up in marketing vernacular to attract tourists, particularly in Southeast Asia and South America. Newbie Nomads spend cash for "authentic experiences" and post updates to social media empty of any true understanding of the place they're in. But like all archetypes there are several levels to this ForeignOr. The most advanced Nomads are chameleons with unmatched skill in making people feel comfortable and valued, and they seek to add more than they take away. And any Nomad can evolve to another archetype, ideally to an expat in a place they fell in love with or to a cultured repat.

And revealed by the pandemic we find the digital nomad has a cousin: the digital settler. Using their WFH success to shun offices/commutes/paltry vacation time for life, these pioneers have paved the way for a systematic restructuring of the 9-5.


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Have an idea for a ForeignOr archetype in your host country? Help us create a collectible expansion pack! There is such a broad range of aliens that we need your help to define the DNA of your community based on age, history, geography, and more!

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