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Foreign, Or Trading Cards | The Mayor

The trading card game that features ForeignOr types found all over the world! Check out the fifth card released from our Foreign, Or Basics pack:

see more on card anatomy here

The Mayor is a superconnector. A true champion of their home abroad, this representative works tirelessly to spread knowledge and share resources.

This cat knows everyone. Rarely alone and perhaps trailed by a loveable dog, don’t invite them over unless you have space for a +1 (or more). They themselves are happy to host— usually in a house that has been fitted for that purpose— and are welcoming to all.

The Mayor is the ForeignOr Ferris Bueller, rollicking and warmhearted, squeezing the most out of every day.

This role is not granted merely for the amount of time spent in a place or for the quantity of contacts accrued, but for one’s carpe diem approach towards life abroad. Having a tough time settling in? Thinking of calling it quits? The Mayor sees it as their duty to make you fall. in. LOVE with your home abroad.

Though the skeptical might see this darling as disingenuous, the truth is The Mayor feels a responsibility to keep the engine of the ForeignOr community humming. The Complainer will gossip about this collaborator-networker-influencer-executer, scornful of their politicking... but so what if some favors are traded, or if some energetic instagramming is employed?

This architect-mastermind works across expat factions to pull off charity drives, blowout surprise parties, and the most epic water fight you’ve ever been in.

Without their efforts, your expat bubble would be listless.

Similar to The Local, this ForeignOr differs in that they have no familial or ethnic ties to their second home. The Mayor is is totally self-made; they know what it’s like to start from scratch. They've carved out their own niche, maybe by working for TimeOut in a big city or by running the one restaurant that serves non-local fare in a small town. For years they have crowdsourced the best of the best, from eateries to local language schools to finding that genius tailor who only takes referrals.

This veteran has seen many people come and go. Thus, a truly successful time abroad is not measured by The Mayor acting as your personal welcoming committee but by acting as the master of ceremonies for your send-off. If they commit to their chosen home by taking up permanent residence The Mayor will evolve to The All-In. Otherwise, they can go back to whence they came and evolve to The Repat, or start all over somewhere new. No matter what they choose, their legacy will live on.


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