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Foreign, Or Trading Cards | The Local

The trading card game that features ForeignOr types found all over the world! Check out the second card released from our Foreign, Or Basics pack:

see more on card anatomy here

Ironically named, this ForeignOr embodies the identity struggle of being truly multicultural. Not local enough for natives and yet conflated to a stereotype by outsiders, Locals are actually incredibly complex creatures.

They know secret neighborhood spots and their histories, can translate the most esoteric idioms… maybe you’ve even met their mom. They've also lived abroad, perhaps were educated somewhere else, and could be a dual citizen, a repatriate, or a TCK on a mission to reconnect with their roots.

Rooted in the host country, the Local flowers in different contexts, their branches brightening with true multeity.

Like all archetypes there is a range of personalities who can be identified as a Local. Those still on the path to self-acceptance panic at the question of “Where are you from?”, while the most advanced give zeee-ro fucks and are widely envied. Advanced Locals are an extremely rare find and are vital to a healthy global society.


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Have an idea for a ForeignOr archetype in your host country? Help us create a collectible expansion pack! There is such a broad range of aliens that we need your help to define the DNA of your community based on age, history, geography, and more!

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