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Foreign, Or Trading Cards | An Introduction

Foreign, Or Trading Cards feature several types of ForeignOrs found all over the world. Check out the anatomy of our cards from the Foreign, Or Basics pack:

ARCHETYPE: a quick and dirty classification of a ForeignOr type

RARITY: signified by a diamond and differentiated by color: gray (common), blue (rare), or rainbow (mythical)

STRENGTHS: defining characteristics that strengthen this type over others, can include attacks and powers

WEAKNESSES: defining characteristics that weaken this type over others, can include blindnesses and biases

EVOLUTION: most commonly evolves into these other archetypes (though not limited to those pathways)

LANGUAGE & CULTURE: 1 to 3 stars are awarded based on character’s knowledge of host country’s language(s) and culture(s)

STAGE: temporal index of how long a character has lived in the host country, from newb (<2yrs) to lifer (>10 yrs)

Used as a fun way to explore the world of expats, immigrants, first gen'ers and everyone else on the spectrum of foreignness, these cards were created to help identify and appreciate all types of aliens. Show them to family to explain how you relate to the world, or how the world relates to you. Discuss the differences of traveling to a place versus contributing to a place. Reflect on your own experiences, strengths, and goals. Most importantly: have fun, damn it!

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Have an idea for a ForeignOr archetype in your host country? Help us create a collectible expansion pack! There is such a broad range of aliens that we need your help to define the DNA of your community based on age, history, geography, and more!

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