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Foreign, Or Podcast | FELMAR DEAN

1st generation Dominican-American Felmar Dean is a self-described dolphin. Whether journeying to find his father in the Dominican Republic, struggling to care for his immigrant mother in Miami, or moving through the Afro-Latino macrocosm in NYC this multimedia artist is in a perpetual state of self-actualization. Recorded atop a vortex in Harlem during his COVID renaissance, Felmar gives us all the answers to the "what are you" question.

Felmar being a dolphin

multimedia collage work

stop motion animation for new 10K music (check out the YouTube playlist here)

travel snaps in Asia

Click to listen to Felmar on the Foreign, Or Podcast.

Follow Felmar on IG @freshastheday

K.I.T. on his website

Listen to the music featured in the podcast from 10K's album Tropical Fantasy

Educate yourself on the legacy of the Mariel boatlift and Dominican revolutionistas the Mirabal Sisters

Watch animated feature Chico y Rita for a look and listen to the Caribbean diaspora though the 20th century

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