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Foreign, Or Podcast | DILLON KING

Irish Brit Dillon King spills on bootlegging in boarding school, starting whisky clubs in China, and how independent cask trading actually works.

Now Dill is a burgeoning viral video star spitballing on spirits- in Mandarin. Will he be able to transition out of China and into the hearts of English-speaking audiences all over the world?

classic Dill and Rufus

family time with the Kings

various stages of Dill holding his liquor, from presentation to tasting to banquet

rugby in Chongqing

Check the Chime Whisky website and search Chime Whisky on WeChat

Watch Dill's alter ego Laojin Hebudao on Chinese TikTok

Read his faves The Search for Modern China and His Dark Materials

Listen to jams To All The Girls in Wudaokou and Model Minority's Wudaokou

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